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About Us

Here's how we got started and what we envision

“Create the tools for a safe and transparent dairy supply chain"

Safi Mission

Safi was born in 2020 at the Challenge4ClimateAction competition (here is our orginal pitch), a competition aimed to combat the threats caused by climate change. Our co-founder, Miraal, who grew up in Oman, had learned in school about the devastating impact of camels spreading diseases through unpasteurized milk. The teams research found that the problem was getting worse globally due to increased droughts and reliance on camels.

With unwavering determination and a clear goal in mind, we presented our solution - the worlds first cost effective pasteurization handle. Against a staggering 1000 teams, we won first place!

Our success was no small feat, as the competition was sponsored by prestigious organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, and the Royal House of Commons. The win served as a turning point, and we were encouraged to bring our solution to life. And thus, our mission was born - to create a better, more equitable future for East Africa by enhancing the lives and livelihoods of its people. 

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